Susan and Tyler decided to continue to get married on their original date for a different reason than most people. Susan and Tyler didn’t lose their venue or the government didn’t shut down their wedding. They lost someone recently and they had a new perspective of the unknown. They wanted to be married and they wanted all of their closest friends and family there. Susan and Tyler had a romantic and rather enchanting garden wedding at Susan’s childhood home. We were surrounded by wildflowers, butterflies, and pure joy. Out of all of the Louisville wedding videographers, we were honored that they chose us. It was a magical day and we’re so happy we got to be a part of it.

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Susan is also a wedding planner and coordinator with Circle and Soul events. I had the pleasure of working with them on a NYE wedding in Louisville and we’ve stayed connected ever since! I knew that Susan would have a beautiful wedding with every detail thought out. There were bright, summer inspired flowers provided by Sunkissed Blooms, a gorgeous gown from Gretchen Reece, and even some Taylor Swift thrown in to the mix. Watch the video below to see the magic!

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All of the images below are provided by my friend Kelli at Kelli Lynn Photography. Working alongside her is so easy and honestly fun! She likes movement just as much as we do and she has a great eye for finding the best light. Kelli Lynn is a film photographer based out of Kentucky and, like us, she travels all over for work! We were thrilled when Susan informed me that we would be working with Kelli on this Kentucky wedding!

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