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Don’t Use Pinterest for Wedding Ideas

We are wedding photographers and filmmakers in Kentucky, so we work with a lot of amazing people. This post will walk you through ways to utilize Pinterest and why you should not rely on it solely.

What’s Wrong With Pinterest?

Nothing. If you are using it in the right way. We all know that beautiful weddings do not just happen. No one snaps their fingers and the esthetically pleasing and perfectly coordinated day magically appears. There is a TON of hard work that goes on behind the scenes and wedding vendors work meticulously together to make sure that the couples, and preferably their families, don’t have to lift a finger for any of it. I feel that Pinterest sets an unrealistic standard for couples.

Enter Your Wedding Team : photographers and filmmakers in Kentucky

We are photographers and filmmakers in Kentucky and Kaytee Stice with Roots Floral Design is a wedding florist serves Cincinnati, Lexington, and Louisville. She is honestly one of the best in the industry, and not just locally! She puts out work that is competitive to the top florists in the world (in my opinion). Her romantic, textural, bouquets and wedding creations leave guests and vendors in awe. Seriously. Book her. And book anyone else who produces consistent, high-end work that you can see yourself trusting.

What to do Instead

Kaytee and I have worked together a few times, and each time I watch her creativity come to life. That’s what we’re here to talk about, actually! In my experience, I have noticed that ALL vendors feel so relived when the couples gives them creative freedom. If you’re hiring the right people, they’re experienced. They’ve done this a million times and they could probably execute your day blindfolded. And that’s what it honestly feels like when we are restrained to certain ideas. Don’t get me wrong, I love and fully respect people who know what they want. There are non-negotiables on a wedding day and your vendors are fully aware of that. BUT, when you can happily say “I trust you” to your wedding team, a weight is lifted and everyone feels more comfortable.

Kaytee had some thoughts on this from a florist’s perspective as well:

Pinterest Should Not Replace Your Wedding Planner

Pinterest boards are a great tool to help organize all of your ideas in one place. On a computer screen you may feel organized, but there is much more to a wedding than colors and bridesmaid dress styles. While Pinterest helps narrow down colors, style, and overall aesthetic; a wedding planner helps with timelines, vendor communications, and making sure those ideas don’t go too far off track.

Pinterest Brings Unrealistic Pricing

Pinterest is known for showing perfectly curated weddings and making it seem they are limitless. Both in design ideas and budget amounts! When in reality, most of these weddings around the world being shown on Pinterest are costing thousands upon thousands of dollars.

Pinterest Brings Unrealistic Design Ideas

Your wedding vendors will be your best resource when you plan your wedding. Most likely, they have already worked at your venue! Wedding professionals know what colors, styles, and aesthetics look best in a space. That is because this is their full time job! Wedding vendors do this on a weekly basis and are experts when it comes to your venue and what style will look best.

How to Utilize Pinterest in The Best Way

I love using Pinterest for color inspiration. That inspiration can be found in art, nature, fashion…the list goes on! While going over these images with my couple, I always empathize that their arrangements will be special to them. Most of my couples find that this is what they would prefer anyways. They want something new, not something that has been shared on Pinterest a thousand times.


Woo. That was a long read, but I hope you gained some knowledge about why it is important to trust your team. If you can’t see yourself trusting a vendor, don’t hire them. It’s simple. It’s your day and you should be completely comfortable. Again, Kaytee with Roots Floral Design is a florist who serves the Cincinnati, Lexington, and Louisville area and I recommend her (among others – love all my florist friends!) to my couples. 

Bold Bouquet by Roots Floral Design

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